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“I reached out to Tyler about Purchasing my 6 Family home. I have been here my whole life so was hesitant at first. Turns out it was the best decision for me. He paid me a very fair price and allowed me to no longer worry about maintaining the property. He even rented my apartment back to me for FREE for one year. Give him a call you wont regret it !”

- Thomas Ahern - New Haven CT

“I am so thankful for Tyler! I wanted to sell my house and move into assisted living and Tyler was my Angel. Not only did he buy my house but he paid me $10,000 more then I wanted AND helped me move into my new place. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. God Bless you Tyler”

- Ann Carpentier - New Haven CT


“I had a three family and a single family when i was contacted by Tyler. He was honest and everything we had talked about he had done and everything went along as was talked about if you are interested in selling your houses or house don’t be afraid to give him a call.”

- Michael Puccino - New Haven CT

“Tyler was like a lifesaver for me It was quick and easy I didn’t have anything to do. Tyler was there ever step now I am able to still be in my home no worries about the city or bank taking it ,yes I was scared at first but quickly knew this was my answer .If you feel lost and that you have no options just give him a call I know it was the answer I needed and trust him completely.”

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